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Warm Weather Recreation

Spring, summer and fall in Big Bear Lake offer a bounty of outdoor sports and recreation. Rugged nature trails provide a remarkable path to hike or bike along. The alpine slides provide a unique way to zoom down the mountain. The San Bernardino National Forest is the perfect place for picnics and camping trips. That's not all. Have a peek at all of the fun activities just waiting for you to experience at Big Bear Lake.

Water Sports

The beauteous Big Bear Lake beholds boundless activities. Speed through the water on a power boat, or grab the rope and wakeboard or water ski. Capture gusty winds, and sail or windsurf. Cruise around in a snazzy pontoon boat. Paddle leisurely along in a canoe or paddle boat. On shore, Marinas rent out boats and equipment. Holloway's and Pine Knot Landing are two popular ones.


Big Bear Mountain is world-renowned for having some of the best biking trails in the world. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer; there are trails for all skill levels. Experts can sample Snow Summit's upper mountain trails. A chair lift brings you to the top, and the ride down is rugged and bodacious. Beginners will find solace and enjoyment on the North Shore bike path. Don't have the equipment? There are plenty of bike rental shops that have everything you need.

Magic Mountain Alpine Slides

All year long, you can zip around hairpin turns on a speedy bobsled that leads you down the mountain. Levers inside the sled allow for optimum speed and turn control. During the summer, when the heat is kicking, check out the giant water slides and cool down.

Camping & RV Parks

Become one with nature out there in the wilderness. Big Bear and the San Bernardino National Forest campground offers plenty of areas to ease back and pitch a tent or station your RV.