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Offroad Trails & Adventures

Off-road driving through Big Bear Mountain and the San Bernardino National Forest can be quite a thrill. Hop in your rugged 4x4, or partake in a jeep tour, and head to the mountains for an extraordinary adventure.

Big Bear's Best Off-Road Trails

For those equipped with their own off-road vehicles, such as 4x4's, ATV's & dirt bikes, there are a few solid options to choose from. Big Bear Flats offers a barrage of superbly isolated trails that attract those of various skill levels. This is also a great place to set up camp and have a picnic for the day. (From Big Bear Frontier Cabins, travel along the northwestern side of Big Bear Lake to Forest Rd 3N14.)

Cactus Flats also offers an excellent assortment of off-road trails, but without the open picnic area. (From Big Bear Frontier, take HWY 18 E to Forest Rd 3N03.) Be sure to pick up a National Forest Adventure Pass for all of these outdoor excursions. Motorized and non-motorized (hiking, biking and horseback riding) trails are clearly marked and strictly enforced, so please abide and enjoy.

Big Bear Jeep Tours

For those unequipped with an off-road vehicle, yet still yearning to venture into the wilderness, Big Bear Jeep Tours can bring you deep into the mountains. On your excursion you'll get to see dipping valleys, raging rivers, sluggish streams, deep brooding mountainsides and any exciting flora and fauna that happens to pop up along the way. These tours are great too because they're offered year-round.

Self-Guided Gold Rush Tour - Holcomb Valley

In the mid 1800's, Holcomb Valley was flowing with golden nuggets. These days, visitors can explore this historic region of the San Bernardino Mountain in their own 4x4 vehicle. The Discovery Center has brochures that highlight key points of interest and age-old tales of triumph. Markers along the way identify particular sights. Allow roughly three hours for this scenically magnificent 20-mile drive.