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Butler's Peak

Butler's Peak, one of the tallest points in all of Big Bear, towers 8,536 feet high. During the fall from Sept through October, the Discovery Center's Butler Peak lookout tour offers spectacular views. When visibility is clear you can see all the way to Catalina Island and the luminescent Vegas strip. Views of the open desert and Mt. San Gorgonio are also a common occurrence. For those staying at Big Bear Frontier Cabins, a leisurely 15-minute drive along Big Bear Lake will get you there.

Chauffeured to the Peak!

Once you arrive at the Discovery Center put in a request for Butler's Peak. In a matter of moments, the friendly and amiable staff on hand will escort you to a Swiss auxiliary vehicle that takes you to the top. If you're traveling with children, have them count conifer trees on the way up while you time them. This is always a great family game. On the other hand, feel free to drive to the summit on your own if you don't mind bumpy roads of mud.

Prestige of the Peak - Q & A

Q: What was the original purpose of the Butler's Peak lookout?

A: Prior to modern day aircrafts, the lookout played a pivotal role in detecting forest fires. Although these days, on occasion the resident tower dogs spot smoke plumes first.

Q: Will there be beverages and snacks on my voyage?

A: Yes - bottled water and snacks are provided.

Stairs of Splendor

There are a few staircases you'll have to tackle to get up to the lookout, but it’s well worth it. At the top, Butler Peak's history is chronicled with tales of triumph and disarray. Plus, the views will leave you filled with awe and wonder for years to come.

When it’s time to head back to the cabin after the Butler's Peak tour, you'll be glad it's such a short drive to Big Bear Frontier Cabins.