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Big Bear Lake Tours

All year long, choose from an assortment of tours, rides and exciting adventures throughout Big Bear Lake.

Rides & Adventures

For the outdoor adventure seeker, Hummer tours are offered regardless of weather conditions. Tours lead you through rugged mountain trails to explore the vast beauty of the wilderness. If you'd rather stay in town, trolley tours offer an extensive glimpse of Big Bear City and the Village. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about Big Bear's history, and scope out a few choice restaurants and shops along the way. In the off-season there's no better way to see the towering splendor of the mountain than on the ski lift, also known as the tram.

Horse-Drawn Stagecoach Rides

One of the top rides in all of Big Bear Lake is the horse-drawn stage coach. During the summer months, you can embark on a romantic adventure with your newlywed or longtimelong-time sweetheart through Victoria Park. Nestle in and enjoy the beautiful countryside on this dreamy escapade. If you're traveling with family, a leisurely gallop through the Village is a fantastic way to see the town and all its magnificence. On one side are lush evergreens blooming with tawny green leaves. On the other side are early 20th century cabins. Straight ahead lays the open mountain road and a couple stellar mountain tops to gander upon!

Time Bandits Pirate's Ship

Climb aboard if ye dare! This reproduction of a 17th century English sea vessel cruises around Big Bear Lake. On the ship there's live entertainment, fishing opportunities and a real-life crew of "authentic pirates". One of the popular spots along the way is the home of voice virtuoso Noel Blanc - son to the famous voice extraordinaire Mel Blanc. Listen for a classic Bugs Bunny line as you meander on through.