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Big Bear Lake Spas

Looking to relax on your trip to Big Bear Lake? Ease back and rejuvenate the mind and body at a refreshing day spa. A couple of choice spas include Mountain Mobile Massage and the Elevations Day Spa.

Elevations Day Spa

Nestled in the midst of Grizzly Center off Fox Farm Road is the quaint and comforting Elevations Day Spa. Treat yourself to a vast selection of soothing massages, body treatments, facials, pedicures, manicures and rejuvenation peels.

Ease pent up tension with a Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, acupressure or deep tissue massage. Exfoliate your skin from neck-to-toe with an Aromatherapy Body Wrap. Stimulate the body's natural detoxifying agents with a Sidha Body Detoxification oil and herb massage. Smooth and recondition your skin with a full-body Salt Glow. Discover the magnificence of incredibly soft hands and feet with a paraffin manicure or pedicure.

A trip to Elevations Day Spa will have you feeling instantly refreshed. (Combination packages are also available, so you can mix and blend an assortment of soothing services.)

Mountain Mobile Massage

Experience the relaxing benefits of massage therapy at Mountain Mobile Massage. For those looking to relax after a day out on the slopes, or foraging through the forest, a sports massage is just the thing to enhance flexibility and reduce muscle aches. If you're looking to alleviate tension, a Swedish massage is a great way to stimulate circulation and increase blood flow.

To relieve stiffness in the lower back, neck and shoulders, deep tissue therapy removes knots and soothes tightened muscles. Shiatsu, an ancient Japanese method of pressure therapy, focuses on the body's meridians (or channels) to help unify mind and body. Reflexology eases aching hands and feet by massaging certain reflex points, thus relaxing muscles and reducing pain.

Come and discover the soothing massage services of Mountain Mobile Massage. (Couples packages are also available upon request. Massage services by appointment only.)