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Big Bear Lake Hiking Trails

Hiking through the wilderness trails of Big Bear Lake is a remarkable experience for both seasoned hikers in search of the ultimate outdoor excursion, and those looking to leisurely explore the wilderness.

Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail

This half-mile stroll amongst burly tall conifers is a great way to see some of nature's finest arboreal splendors. As you meander upon a thickly settled plateau there is a series of babbling brooks and moisture-clad meadows that creates the ideal environs, along with perpetual sunlight, for the Lodgepole pines. They can easily be identified by their bushy clusters of needles and light orange-brown bark. As the plateau wanders downward, nestled on its brink just towering in the crisp mountain air is the biggest Lodgepole pine known in the world. What a fine specimen indeed!

Woodland Nature Trail - A Family Hike

If you're looking for a great family hike that both you and the kids could appreciate, then the Woodland Nature Trail is where it's at. This 1-1/2 mile easy-to-navigate venture around the lake explores the outdoors with snippets of fascinating facts along the way. Hikers can pick up a trail guide at the beginning, and follow a series of posted markers that tell tales of the surrounding environs, wildlife and unique flora.

Cougar Crest Trail

If you'd rather try something a little more strenuous, then the Cougar Crest Trail offers a few challenging spots for intermediate hikers. This four-mile hike offers some incredible views of the valley as well. The path meanders into the Pacific Crest Trail, which actually links Canada to Mexico. If you're up for a spontaneous 2,600-mile venture, this is the longest maintained foot trail in the world. If you choose to save that for another day, you can head east just beyond the trails end to check out Bertha's Peak. Up there you'll get a stellar view of Big Bear, San Gorgonio and even the Mojave Desert when conditions are clear.