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Big Bear Lake Fawnskin

Poised as a prominent portion of the San Bernardino National Forest, and situated on the northern side of Big Bear Lake is the sleepy community of Fawnskin, yet it wasn't always like this. Long before skiing and snowboarding made way at Snow Summit and Big Bear Mountain, Fawnskin was the main attraction. Construction of an eastward sweeping pathway deterred travelers in the direction of Big Bear, and once those mountain ski trails were carved, a barrage of visitors merely continued onward to hit the slopes.

Big Bear Discovery Center

In the Spring of 1998, the Big Bear Discovery Center once again made Fawnskin, not only a bastion of splendor, but a town that allured travelers, visitors and tourists from Southern California and beyond. The Discovery Center offers the opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna of the San Bernardino Forest. It has also become one of Fawnskin's top family attractions. The Family Discovery Center encourages kids to build prosperous beaver dams, inspect specimens on logs, mine through caverns and create cozy log cabins. There is even community banter surrounding efforts to move the Moonridge Zoo in Big Bear Lake onto the premises of the Discovery Center!

Eagle Adventures

For eagle enthusiasts, from October to March, the bald and golden eagles return to their homes in Fawnskin and Big Bear Lake. Tours are held to peruse these remarkable specimens of the sky. Binoculars are recommended for optimal viewing.

Outdoor Explorations

Fawnskin also showcases a vast assortment of outdoor activity. Scenic hiking trails offer the perfect means of in-forest travel. Rugged mountain bike paths offer challenging rides and extreme conditions. For leisurely bike rides, there are also generous trails that appreciate all skill levels.

Old Miner's Days

Every July, Old Miner's Days honors the hard-working miners of long ago in a blatantly humorous manner. The main event is the Doo Dah Parade, where participants dress in outlandishly buffoonish costumes, and get quite the response from the crowd. Amazingly, the parade is only 45 minutes long. At one point, it was the shortest parade in parade history - as deemed by the prestigious Guinness Book.