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Annual Bald Eagle Count

Every winter the bald eagles return to the San Bernardino Mountains to escape from the harsher climates of Canada and Alaska. Visitors and families can witness these majestic birds in their natural environment, and even take part in the yearly bald eagle count.

Discovery Center Tour

Within close proximity to Big Bear Frontier Cabins, the eagle exhibit at the Discovery Center offers a variety of eagle facts, literature and a life-sized replica - always a favorite among the youngsters. Additionally, there is a two-hour guided eagle tour that meanders through the forest to get a closer look. When eagles aren't soaring the skies, they're on the prowl for food. They often perch upon lakeside tree tops in search for fish, small mammals and even ducks.

For those yearning to venture out on their own, the "eagle discovery guide" is a great resource for locating eagles and learning more about their activities, habits and dietary adventures in the wild. It's easy to spot eagles with the naked eye, but binoculars are recommended for a more detailed look.

The Eagle Eye

On average an eagle's eye is the same size as a person's, but its precision is far more impressive. An eagle could spot a fish in the water from hundreds of feet up in the trees. Eagles also have two centers of focus, which means they can see forward and to the side simultaneously. So when an eagle spots its prey from above, it literally "locks its eyes" on it. In other words, if the prey starts to move, the eagle can move with it, while it keeps its eyes directly focused on the prey.

Great Family Outing

Children are always very excited when they spot an eagle in the wild. So if you're worried about the youngsters getting bored on this excursion - think again.

Forest Service Annual Eagle Count

If you're interested in being part of the annual eagle count, they're always looking for volunteers. Since 1978, the Forest Service has held annual eagle counts throughout the San Bernardino Mountains. Numbers of eagles have ranged from 10 to 40.

It's truly a magnificent experience to spot these migratory birds in the wild, and it's all just minutes away from Big Bear Frontier Cabins.