Big Bear CityBig Bear City combines the historic side of Big Bear with a frenzy of memorable sights and activities. Discover the shops, bars and restaurants in the Village. Visit the world's largest solar observatory. Explore the Big Valley Historical Museum.

Big Bear Valley Historical Museum
The Big Bear Valley Historical Museum is chock full of intriguing tales and artifacts ranging from 19th century snow gear to equipment used during the California Gold Rush to vintage local photos from long ago. Enter a replicated blacksmith shop and see how snowshoes, skis, sleds, skates, tools and arrowheads were made. Peruse cabins designed in the 1800's and see how previous generations lived. Learn the history of Big Bear, and the profound impact of the Gold Rush and the creation of Big Bear Lake. Take a guided tour, packed with fascinating fun facts about Big Bears ancestors and influential settlers.
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Uniquely positioned on Big Bear Lake to avoid distortion from rising heat off the concrete, and due to incredibly clear sunny skies - behold the world's largest solar observatory. Since 1969, this magnificent facility has told us essential tales of the inner workings of the sun.
Fascinating Fun Fact: Did you know that the sun can still be observed after sunset by a reflection called earthshine? Earthshine is when the sun reflects off the earth and shines on the darkened side of the crescent moon - usually only visible on clear nights. So if you've ever seen a faint glow fill the dark portion of the crescent moon, then you've observed the sun at night from the earth.
Big Bear Village
Searching for a great souvenir from your Big Bear trip? In the village you'll find an assortment of quaint local shops featuring arts and crafts, collectibles, antiques, sporting goods and a plethora of bear memorabilia. The perfect opportunity to pick up that rustic bear alarm clock, black bear ceramic mug or framed print of grizzlies at play in the wild.
Looking for a tasty place to eat? For a cozy mountain-style atmosphere, try Nottinghams. They've got a vast selection of seafood, steak, pasta, sandwiches, soups and salads. For an evening of elegance, live jazz and a couple martinis, the Mandoline Bistro has the ideal ambiance. For breakfast, sample the grizzly manor. This hole-in-the-wall bistro offers a rather unique local experience.