Timothy Wolcott Fine Arts Gallery

40700 Village Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA
Timothy Wolcott GalleryTimothy Wolcott, inspired by the natural beauty of Big Bear Lake and California National Parks and beaches, has captured the essence of America's versatile landscapes in his photographs. Wolcott's gallery truly showcases a remarkable display of earthly visual stills that offer brilliant shades of orange, red, blue and purple, and a profound simplicity that lures you into the photo.

What's even more unique about Wolcott's photographs is that he uses a method called pigment printing. This gives each photo an incredible clarity, and astoundingly accurate color schemata. Through this process there are no chemicals used, thus making his prints far less vulnerable to fade. In recent years, Wolcott played a key role in the development of the pigment printing process as well.
Whether you're a seasoned professional, lover of landscapes or a mere passerby - the Timothy Wolcott Fine Arts Gallery is a real delight.

Serenity Place Art Gallery

1028 W. Big Bear Blvd.
Big Bear Lake, CA
Serenity Art GalleryThe Serenity Place Art Gallery blends timeless pieces of art with humorous everyday notions, and morphs them into inventive mosaics. Designs are created from ceramic bits, stylish jewels, leathery items, good old fashioned wood or anything else that mosaic genius Jeannie deems suitable.

One fascinating item in particular is a Chihuahua mosaic. As the Chihuahua sits with an ensemble of bronze triangles off to its right - a rather royal decor embroiders its coat, as if this noble Chihuahua had just been deemed queen of the canines!
Every year in the fall a Mother's, Daughter's & Sister's: Holding Peace exhibition features artists from across the country. Showcased pieces include sculptures, photography, paintings, mosaics and more.